The ‘Atulya’ Team

Individual commitment to a group effort–that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work– Vince Lombardi

Prakhar Deep

Master Manager. This guy is an anomaly to the engineering culture. He does know the right strings to pull to get the job done. At such a young age, Prakhar is working with ASME India spearheading their Programs & Philanthropy across the country.

Harshit Kumar Sankhla

Observe, Innovate and Deploy. Always on the lookout for ways to make peoples lives better. Harshit currently works at a startup into Agricultural Robotics, in Hyderabad. His job description in 1 line is – a mechanic who can code and solder.

Priyesh Jain

A guy to spread happiness among the chaos. As flexible as he looks, he’s the man we can count on for the last minute deadline of anything. A simple down-to-earth being with above the sky ambitions.

Manthan Sharma

Code Freak. He’s the hacker programmer you want to have on your team to get the bits buzzing on the computer. He’s the server of our network, the supercomputer of our launch station. Manthan works at Soroco at day and for the world at night.

Pragyan Deep

He is our legal guy, to draft the policies, draw the lines and sign the boxes so that things don’t go out of control. He keeps a check on maintaining our system’s ethics and legalities. A final year law student, he specialises in IP Rights.

Vishal Singh Jadoun

Team Builder, a lover of art and artistic thinking but an engineer at heart with many leadership roles held at various organisations. It would be an understatement to  say that he managed the team well as the operations manager of atulya foundation.

Nitin Choudhary

An artist of sorts himself, this guy’s best friend is his MacBook and a gang of photo-editing tools. Needless to say, his eye-catchy posters resonate perfectly with the viewer’s mind and tell a story without any words. His designs fill our words with the essence of joy and liveliness.