Atulya Volunteer Program

Atulya Volunteer Program

Let’s get one thing straight, we do not have a Hulk. So yes, we need an army. And if you are here, welcome aboard cadet ! See, it’s that simple.

The biggest challenge in building an online community is having the right people in the network, who can understand your community’s motive and contribute by connecting more like-minded people to the community. If you are here, we hope you know about our mission (Read the about us, pretty please !). Atulya Foundation is not just a community for artists, but art-lovers as well. What we are trying to build here is an ecosystem, where happiness can be spread through a medley of colours.

There is an artist in every corner of this country, sitting with a palette of colours, stroking a canvas with the brush of his imagination. Harvesting a farm of skill and talent, yet reaping no prosperity. His family can not feed off his masterpieces, hence, he goes into the quiet night worrying about lunch for tomorrow, not to pick up his brush till then. Such is the tale of many artisans in India. Irrespective of their genre and form, art as an education or profession still raises eyebrows in the nation. It’s not the case that art is, in principle, not a lucrative trade. The truth is, in fact, the opposite. It is the middlemen, agents, brokers, mutators, imitators, many names to call them, who have destroyed not just the condition of the artists, but also the pride of the nation. With unregulated commissions, plagiarism, money laundering (yes, you read that right) they have been ruthless and unjust to the entire art community.

Artists, especially the traditional ones, are on the verge of extinction along with the art forms. We want to bring these people to the limelight, to get them the appreciation that they deserve and save them from the exploitation of the middlemen who value their work at peanuts. Let them realise the power of an online platform and how it can make their lives better.

Volunteer with us to help identify such people across the nation and connect them to the Atulya Artist Network. Tag us with their location, art styles, economic details and we will give them the platform to make a respectable livelihood. As a volunteer, you would be a recognised ambassador for the Foundation in your locality. You will be responsible for identifying and promoting artists, building subnetworks, assisting the supply chain and spreading awareness of art forms in the folklore. Besides an adventurous experience of working with a team of broad-minded professionals, recognition and goodies, we can promise you a good night’s sleep and satisfaction after helping someone build a life by doing work they love.

To get started, fill out the following form and someone from our team will follow up for a 1-on-1 discussion. Looking forward to see you here soon.

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