About Us

The ‘Atulya’ Idea

Atulya Foundation is a government registered Not-For-Profit Organisation, established with the mission to enable technologically and economically deprived artists to promote and sell their artwork via the internet infrastructure. The founding team is a bunch of engineering graduates who are employed across the nation in various job profiles and hence we have started this venture as a non-profit organisation, so we can sustain at our respective jobs and also dedicate time towards the mission of this foundation without any ethical or legal constraints.

Art is something that is appreciated by the folklore but not the economy. Driven sheerly by the money in the market, today everyone wants to become an engineer, a doctor or an accountant. Why not an artist ? In the pressure to earn a decent living, many potential artists do not even dare to pursue arts and crafts as a career and traditional artists with their conventional methods fail to capitalise on their skills and limited resources to generate enough money to even feed their families.

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A Many traditional Indian art forms are on the verge of extinction if the producers do not find a way to generate revenue through their work. Atulya Foundation has been conceived out of a concern for very such people, a concern which shaped into an idea to develop an unique marketplace for Indian artists to present their artwork not just to the local market, but to the entire world by leveraging the internet.

Atulya foundation is a family of artists and art enthusiasts, connected by an e-commerce platform through which one could browse and purchase art from a myriad of genres and types. We leverage the internet technologies to make the art business more engaging, efficient and lucrative and at the same time being secure and authentic. With billions of devices active on the internet, we have access to a massive customer base that conventionally would have required a tremendous amount of manpower, capital and infrastructure.

Through Atulya Foundation, we give wings to the ones who embody the essence of colors and crafts to become bread-earners by commercializing their skills. Homemakers, especially women in rural India, can have a professional life along with their family commitments. Through this, their role will be glorified within community, which is the true meaning of empowerment. The possibilities are endless to what humanity can achieve given the right platform.

Atulya Foundation is an ambition driven by the motivation to ‘Develop for India’. We, the team at Atulya, all possess a sense of responsibility towards the nation to contribute in its growth and development in our own way. Being privileged to receive a formal technological education, we want to use our skills to contribute towards the development of digital India by making our own artists a part of it. Through our venture, we strive to provide art lovers the perfect art for their requirement, and the artists with a revenue to pursue this as a full-time business and also appreciation worldwide.