The ‘Atulya Idea’


Atulya foundation is a not for profit organization working for the welfare of the artist community in India. We believe that art can only be preserved when the artists get incentives, both monetary and social, to remain artists and these incentive can only be brought to them when art is a viable means of livelihood. Many talented artists are in a state of dire poverty today and are turning to other jobs to sustain themselves. Hence we bring in our professional expertise to convert artwork into products and services so as to monetize art in the best way possible. Our not-for profit model ensures that the benefits reach completely and directly to the artist.

Art is the most beautiful manifestation of human creativity. World is a home to numerous traditional & modern art forms. This rich heritage of art needs to be preserved. Inadequate incentive and livelihood is forcing artists to abandon art and look for other jobs.

In the pressure to earn a decent living, many potential artists do not even dare to pursue arts and crafts as a career and traditional artists with their conventional methods fail to capitalise on their skills and limited resources to generate enough money to even feed their families.

This is where the ‘Atulya’ Idea is born: Making Art a Sustained Means of Livelihood

Atulya foundation is a family of artists and art enthusiasts. We leverage the internet technologies to make the art business more engaging, efficient and lucrative and at the same time being secure and authentic. With billions of devices active on the internet, we have access to a massive customer base that conventionally would have required a tremendous amount of manpower, capital and infrastructure.


One team. One dream.

The founders of the Atulya Foundation are a bunch of graduates and working professionals including engineers, business grads & lawyers who came together as a result of common affinity towards art and with the motive of preserving art so that art is not lost in this fast moving world.

We strive towards a very clear goal: monetizing the art to its fullest using technology and innovative ideas. Bringing Art and colours in all forms to all lives.


Good customer service
costs less than bad
customer service.

We are glad to be able to work on really interesting and challenging projects, involving exciting technologies. We are working with a wide range of partners to provide best and most innovative art services.